"…with production one never knows where one is…" BERTOLT BRECHT

  • What should we do with the obscene oil profits?

    “Exxon Mobil reports outsized profits. So did Shell. It’s all got politicians teeing up evil-oil rhetoric, except they are leaving one thing behind: the facts.” Let’s see what this little Marketplace ideological hack job serves us as “facts”: Oil prices are set by global forces. Since the mid-1980s, actual negotiations and deliveries of oil contracts [...]

  • McLuhan & Zizek

    I watched a very good documentary on Marshall McLuhan yesterday, McLuhan’s Wake, courtesy of Eko –you know, that subliminal kid. It is not so much the director (Kevin McMahon), however, that is to be credited for the success of the documentary as the subject matter himself. The most interesting parts of the documentary for me [...]

This is not surplus thought.

In the sleepy west of the woody east / is a valley full, full o’ pioneer / we’re not just kids, to say the least / we got ideas to us that’s dear / like capitalist, like communist / like lots of things you’ve heard about /