ABOUT DETROIT BEIRUT (in its own words)

“This music comes from South Lebanon, was born in Lansing and lives in Detroit. A sound declaration. This music is rhythm for revolutions, rebellions, empowerment and progression. Through audio and images, history is projected onto the future, terrorific stereotypes are rejected, a slandered heritage is reclaimed, the ruins of a city are rebuilt. Sound and visions express the struggles and share the beauty of Detroit, Beirut.

We bang on drums to be heard, we make art to be seen.”


“In Arabic, the drummer is simply refered to as el-iqaa (rhythm).

Detroit Beirut is the result of a life dedicated to the beat. This first album from beat conductor El-Iqaa is an excursion in sonic collage, or the beautiful art of sampling. Infusing traditional Arab music, Detroit Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Latin, and European Classical; Detroit Beirut is the instromental expression of an individual, created independant and raw.

Rhythm is all.

This music was made with live drums, with samples from old 45′s and new mp3′s, with a mixer and a mic, Michael’s Moog, technics and technique, some claps and snaps, a g4, pro tools, sticks on cymbals from Istanbul, fingers on a Kevork riq, masking tape, kahwa araby, sweat, pride and love (infused with a little camoon).”


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New Music and Art: DETROIT BEIRUT