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an introduction to the marxian critique of political economy,” a presentation prepared for a seminar organized by emrah aydűnonat at bahćeşehir university, istanbul, may 14, 2014.

ćeşitli ekonomiler: demokratik özerk iktisadiyat ićin inşa yöntemi,” [diverse economies: a construction methodology for a democratic autonomous economy] a presentation prepared with ceren özselćuk for alternative political economy workshop organized by disa at diyarbakűr, february 7-8, 2014.

two different propositions:neoliberal developmentalism vs. democratic autonomy,” a presentation gathered together from a joint working-paper with ceren özselćuk & a popular economics research project conducted together with kaner atakan türker at gezi nyc forums #6, new school, new york, september 18, 2013.

“ekonomik kriz hakkűnda marx ve lacan bize ne ögretebilir?” [what can marx and lacan teach us about the economic crisis?] a lecture given at bm/suma contemporary art center, istanbul in 2008. a video recording available here (in turkish).  and here is the link for the announcement.

“axiomatic politics of surplus” (with ceren özselćuk), paper presented at surplus/excess conference at university of california riverside, april 4 +5, 2008.

“three forms of neoliberalism” (with fikret adaman). a lecture given a ulus baker conference, ankara, in 2008. a video recording available here. and here is the link for the conference website.

“affective economies of capitalism: shifting the focus of the psychoanalytical debate.” a paper given at a panel on psychoanalysis and marxism at the crossroads conference of the cultural studies association.

an intervention read at the panel on labor movement: past, present, and the future, at skidmore college, saratoga springs, ny, in 2006. the poster is available here.

“il n’y a pas de hors-texte”: deconstruction and economics.” an intervention read at the tribute event for jacques derrida, at skidmore college, saratoga springs, ny, in 2006. 

an image to structure a presentation on the fragility of capitalism (in turkish). given to a workshop at the architectural school of  istanbul technical university, istanbul, in 2005.

“marxist strategies against the policing of empire.” an intervention read at a rethinking marxism/aesa panel on the war in afghanistan, at university of massachusetts, amherst, 2001.


> marxism + psychoanalysis

reading diverse economies with desire, creating spaces for communism,” (with ceren özselćuk). a revised version is forthcoming in performing diverse economies, edited by gerda roelvink, kevin st. martin and j.k. gibson-graham. minneapolis: university of minnesota press, 2014.

affective economies: lacan’s four discourses against the historicism of capitalist abstraction,” (with ceren özselćuk). a revised version forthcoming in states of crises and post-capitalist scenarios, edited by in heiko feldner, fabio vighi and slavoj zizek. farnham, surrey: ashgate, 2014.

enjoyment as an economic factor: reading marx with lacan,” (with ceren özselćuk), a revised version available at subjectivity 3 (3), 2010, pp. 323-347.

economy, surplus, politics: some questions on slavoj zizek’s political economy critique of capitalism” (with ceren özselćuk), in did somebody say ideology? on slavoj zizek and consequences, edited by fabio vighi and heiko feldner. newcastle: cambridge scholars publishing, 2007,  pp. 78-107.

“questions of communism: ethics, ontology, subjectivity,” rethinking marxism, 18 (2), 2006, pp. 205-224.

“marxism and psychoanalysis: from capitalist –all to communist non-all,” (with ceren özselćuk) psychoanalysis, culture & society, 10 (1), pp. 79-97.

[a greek translation by akis gavriilidis was published in theseis, 100, 2007.]

[a turkish translation titled “psikanaliz ve marksizm: sűnűf ilişkisinin imkansűzlűğű ve bir düstur olarak komünizm” by erdem evren was published in toplum ve bilim, 113, 2008, pp. 29-48.]

> economic methodology + philosophy of economics

neoliberal reason and its forms: de-politicization through economization,” (with fikret adaman). a revised version appeared in antipode, article first published online: 28 nov 2013, doi: 10.1111/anti.12065.

understanding neoliberalism as economization: the case of the environment,” (with fikret adaman). a revised version appeared in global economic crisis and the politics of diversity. edited by yűldűz atasoy. new york: palgrave macmillan, 2014, pp. 29-51.

public economics after neoliberalism: a historical-theoretical perspective,” (with fikret adaman). a revised version appeared in european journal of the history of economic thought, 17 (4), 2010, pp. 1079-1106.

“iktisadűn emeğinden, emeğin siyasi iktisadűna,birikim, 217, 2007, pp. 10-22.  (also available from kö

the crisis of identity in modern economics,” (with joseph t. rebello), unpublished mimeo, written in 2005.

karl polanyi: freedom in a complex world,” econ-atrocity bulletin: in the history of thought, written in 2004.

“theorising the ‘third sphere’: a critique of the persistence of ‘economistic fallacy’,” (with fikret adaman) journal of economic issues, 36 (4), 2002, pp. 1045-1078.

bir tabu olarak ekonomi” (with ceren özselćuk and kenan erćel), toplum ve bilim, 95, 2002, pp. 104-139.

> contemporary art

dinlemenin örgütlenmesi, sanatűn örgütlenmesi,”, april 3, 2013.

“being in neighborhood,” contemporary practices, 4, 2009, pp. 190-195.

“[imhayű beklerken] şehrin artűklarűnű toplamak: gordon matta-clark’űn sanatűnűn siyaseti” (with olgu aytać), doxa, 5, 2007, pp. 58-73.

“alternatif sećim afişlerinden alternatif üretim bićimlerine,” birikim, 220-221, 2007, pp. 130-133.

“from imperialism to transnationalism: the venice biennial as a ‘transitional conjuncture’,” a revised version is available in rethinking marxism, 18 (4), 2006, pp. 525-537.

encircling the real,” rethinking marxism, 15 (3), 2002, pp. 316-325.

> diverse economies

demokratik özerkliğin ekonomik modelleri nedir ve nasűl inşa edilebilirler?” [what are the economic models of democratic autonomy and how can they be constructed?” (with ceren özselćuk) a paper presented at local governance conference organized by tohav, samer, and van municipality, van, june 15-16, 2013.  

> contemporary political economy

the economy: hitting the wall,” (with fikret adaman, bengi akbulut, and şevket pamuk), the middle east in london, 10 (3), 2014, pp. 7-8.


> bogazići university

rethinking economies (graduate)

economics of crisis, crisis of economics (graduate)

history of economic thought after 20th century

history of economic thought before 20th century

introduction to macroeconomics

introduction to microeconomics

> gettysburg college

political economy of oil

political economy of neoliberalism

history of economic thought

> skidmore college


introduction to microeconomics

political economy of racism

> boğazići university summer school

comparative schools of thought in economics

heterodox approaches to economics


> the rest of the

surplus thought


voice of antartika


bildiğin ekonomi

> academic/political

rethinking marxism

lacanian ink


toplum ve bilim

toplum ve kuram


> news/analysis

democracy now

the guardian

red pepper



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