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  • A Thanksgiving Prayer

    Here’s an alternative Thanksgiving Prayer for all of us who cannot but help remember the story of Jeffrey Amherst: “Thanks for the wild turkey and the passenger pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American guts. Thanks for a continent to despoil and poison. Thanks for Indians to provide a modicum of challenge and [...]

  • 39 of the 40 tricks

    1.2.3…40 and tada! was an exercise in appropriating folk wisdom for high theory. Or to put it more precisely, the idea was to show how folk sayings/proverbs –ostensibly superstitious, quaint or banal– can harbor valuable insights which can only be appreciated by means of conceptual tools not typically associated with folk wisdom. In 1.2.3…40 and [...]

  • The market of exceptions and Michael Moore’s Sicko

    I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko on the last day that it was showing in Northampton. Sitting by myself in the basement of Pleasant Street Theater, I had nothing better to do before movie began than to listen to the two elderly couples ahead of me discussing what they had heard about the film, their own [...]

  • commercial crusades

    Illegal Attacks is the new single from Ian Brown (of the Stone Roses fame) featuring Sinead O’Connor in the backing vocals. The video and the lyrics are below. So what the fuck is this UK Gunnin with this US of A In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan Does not a day go by Without [...]

  • Teoman Aktürel (1932-2007)

    [Teoman Aktürel, poet and translator, passed away on the 13th of July, 2007. His formal education is in French Language and Literature and Economics. He was a family friend. While I was in high school, for a while every Sunday, before going to grandma for lunch, I would go to his small one bedroom apartment [...]

  • Refugees…Until When?

    1 refugee camp, 20 kids, 11 villages, 8 of which are only remnants, or not even that. These are the stats of the Birthright Replugged trip that I helped run a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where to even begin to explain the significance of this trip. The kids are all under the age [...]

  • Through A Glass Darkly

    A few days ago, at a table, where ymM was also sitting, I dared to argue… it was a small gathering of four of us after having watched Cuaron’s recent “Children of Men”; we were, you know, chatting on film and philosophy (how the latter shall be handled in the former), strangely lost somewhere around [...]

  • humiliating work and the law

    i’m trying to think through some issues raised by wilson v. monarch paper co., 939 f.2d 1138 (5th cir. 1991) and similar cases. in this case, a jury found, and the court system upheld on appeal, that the vice president of a company was entitled to millions of dollars in compensation for intentional infliction of [...]

  • labor unions in the U.S. fight for apartheid!

    a recent story in the forward reports that leaders of american labor unions are stepping up to support israeli apartheid by undermining opposition to it by british unions. many union leaders have signed on to a letter by the jewish labor committee bashing* the growing movement for anti-apartheid divestment, boycotts and sanctions by the british [...]

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