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  • WHO’s WHO

    i don’t want to ruin the mystique of S=thought but i sorta wonder who is who here? i get who Kenan Ercel, Phil or maliha are, but some obscure code names are beyond reach of my imagination. well, to start with, this is burak talking. you are… ymM … yahya (i’m not sure what the [...]

  • Are you as put off by this poster as I am?

    It is all over the subways here in New York. I don’t even know where to begin. I thought at first that this was some kind of an attempt to show how all of humankind originated in Africa. But the real posters in the subways are less ambiguous than this picture; they actually have “Save [...]

  • Altman and inner monologue:

    well, (1) because this site started off with an enchanting interest in obituary, and (2) after reading ymM’s kind invitation to comment on the link he drew between Badiou’s remark on europeans fear of islam and Haneke’s Cache (i will… another promise to fulfil), i felt this irresistable urge to play along… Robert Altman died [...]

  • Adventures in Lacano-Marxism

    Paul Allen Miller is a professor of comparative literature at the University of Southern Carolina. C-Blok, j.b., and I met him four years ago when he and his colleagues organized a conference on Psychoanalysis and Social Theory that the three of us went together. The conference is memorable for me for a number of reasons: [...]

  • Another obituary (of sorts)

    I read in the news today that Milton Friedman, 94, is dead. I say, good riddance. That is pretty much all he had to say for those left behind by the social Darwinist policies he championed all his life: good riddance.

  • With all due respect to the interval, or, courting a science of the image

    In defiance of all pretentions of purpose and/or usefulness…the first G.Frege post: Lately I have daydreamed over how to conceive of the specific economy that is embedded in the act of quotation. Could we perhaps call it the sister of appropriation (as Lacan calls truth the sister of jouissance)? Flaubert, September 1852: “Beauty may become [...]

  • community in dispersion

    Its very odd to think that just a few short years ago we, well most of us, called the Pioneer Valley home. Even stranger to think that most of us are not there now. I have a lot to write in this forum. My student/colleague Jason and I are almost through with Transcritique and I [...]

  • Words Without Borders

    This month’s “Words Without Borders” magazine for international literature is on Palestine, and includes some of our *favourites* like Azmi Bishara and Mahmoud Darwish. Most of the pieces are short enough to print out and read on the train/plane/boat/bus.


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