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  • Alfred Kinsey & Gibson-Graham

    Let me begin my first contribution to surplus thought by thanking ymm (aka ‘rummenigge’ aka ‘dj plummer’ aka ‘obscene daddy’) for not only launching this platform but also for getting the ball rolling with his obituary on Ecevit (a Turkish Allende who, unlike his Chilean counterpart, survived a military coup –albeit only physically, not ideologically, [...]

  • a tale of two “ecevit”s (in lieu of an obituary)

    ecevit was an interesting figure. i used to prefer him to demirel. when i was a little boy, sitting on the floor in the living room and watching the news on the black and white tv with my parents, every night ecevit and demirel would come out and put on something not so different than [...]

  • some matters of logistics

    this entry will be continually edited and will address matters of using the blogspot. 1. please familiarize yourself with the technology of blogging. 2. if you would like to update links and cannot figure out how to, let me know. 3. we should think of links we want to be associated with. we should also [...]

  • nomos

    susan buck-morss spoke about Law beyond/before law as that which constitutes the very frame within which laws are formulated.


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