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  • (ir)rational numbers

    kenan’s post ’1,2,3…40 and tada!’ on performativity somehow reminded me of two curious verses in koran, which amaze and amuse me to no end but since it wasn’t much related to the topic i didn’t want to post them as comment back then. since this is a ‘holy’ day, i wanted to share them with [...]

  • A commune with a leader?

    The following lenghty quote is an epic footnote (No. 112, pp. 373-375) from Jack Amariglio’s dissertation Economic History and the Theory of Primitive of Socio-Economic Development (University of Massachusetts, 1984) and it pertains to the theoretical status of the so-called Asiatic Mode of Production (AMoP). For Amariglio, the AMoP is not a distinct mode of [...]

  • To wit, Maliha is a “subject in question,” as it were (Eglenelim, Ogrenelim)

    Kenan: Dear Jamar and Maliha, could either of you please explain to me the use(s) of these two bewildering phrases, “as it were” and “to wit”? Dictionaries are of no use when it comes to such phrases. Jamar: Asking Maliha to help you in this is like asking a polar bear at the north pole [...]

  • socio-spatial sublimation

    dear lichette lovers, i am writing a paper on what i call “socio-spatial sublimation” in the context of labor practices and management in a jamaican hotel. in a little nutshell, service workers are elevated to the place of the Thing by management discourses and work to incite the desire of tourists. my question: can anyone [...]

  • hear the azaan through Bose speakers!

    I begin at the prompting of y… Hajj is approaching, and perhaps to connect with various family members about to embark on this rite, I watched ‘Le Grand Voyage’ recently. Quite afraid that it might be a horrid repeat of ‘monsieur ibrahim’ which was an all too trite meditation on Islam (mysticism allows us true [...]

  • INLAND EMPIRE by David Lynch (Updated on July 26, 2007)

    Once again we are (and I am assuming the existence of a collective identity, yes) gearing up to that unique experience of watching a new David Lynch movie. My sense is that, from what I am reading in the blogsphere, this is not going to be (not surprisingly) a smooth ride. It is shot on [...]

  • 1, 2, 3…40 and tada!

    Is it possible to appropriate “folk wisdom” for high theory? Let’s take a look at an example of folk wisdom as encapsulated in a Turkish proverb: “If you say something 40 times over, it will come about the 41st time” or its more commonly used shortened version “If you say something 40 times over, it [...]

  • ymM’s burkas, stoler’s european paupers, arendt’s barbarity

    reading an article by ann stoler a few days ago, i bumped into a short list of prerequisites that dutch colonial government in sumatra set in 1884; to acquire european legal equivalence, one had to be 1-christian, 2-speak and write dutch, 3- have european upbringing and education, and 4-demonstrate a suitability for european society. not [...]


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