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  • Samuel Eliot Morison, a historian, a civilizer, a ship

    Ok, I’m going to tell this story backwards. See if you have the patience to get through to the beginning. There is or was, as of 2002 a ship in the Turkish navy called “Gokova.” Now, the ship had been decommissioned from the U. S. Navy, and during its previous life it was named the [...]

  • Hrant Dink’s solitude

    Hrant Dink, an Armenian editor, columnist, journalist, thinker from Turkey is assassinated yesterday. Within left progressive and pro-democratic forces in Turkey, Dink occupied a unique place. His perseverance, especially, in the face of the travesty of unending court trials and delusory accusations he was subjected to, more recently under the infamous Article 301, evokes an [...]

  • …as one ras rolls, another steps up…

    Taking the “commune without a leader” and “body without a head” theme in a new direction… I’m talking about the lynching of Saddam, his head not severed, but his neck marked by a ring of wounds, as is shown in the most recent cell phone recording of his lifeless body. We are now more than [...]

  • Is surprise possible?

    or, is it ever possible that the letter does not arrive at its destination? There is a well-known debate between Lacan and Derrida. It is, for instance, a debate that Althusser alludes to in his Writings on Psychoanalysis: Freud and Lacan [New York: Columbia University Press, 1996]–an essential reading in understanding why psychoanalysis is important [...]

  • “I’m going away tonight”: James Brown (1933-2006)

    The death of James Brown seems to deserve some sort of gesture. Not intended as an obiturary, what follows is merely the transcription of the lyrics to “James Brown” by the long-forgotten group Ghetto Reality, written in 1969. Born in Augusta Georgia James Brown Born in Augusta Georgia James Brown Born in Augusta Georgia He [...]


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