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  • A post-colonial post-card

    The image above is the front of a postcard that I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago–presumably, even though I don’t speak the language, I am on a mailing list of potential Arabic speakers due to my name (“Yahya” for those of you don’t know). When I received this post-card, I could [...]

  • Where you get to depends on how you travel

    [i found this film review quite fascinating and decided to post here with the author's permission.] Half Moon – Bahman Ghobadi (Iran 06) viewed RotterdamFilm festival 2 Feb 2007 Bahman Ghobadi is a filmmaker who is making films from within the people. He is not an outsider coming into a culture or a society and [...]

  • The Purloined War

    [An image of stylish Lebanese youths driving through a Beirut neighborhood devastated by Israeli bombing, taken by U.S. photographer Spencer Platt, won the World Press Photo of the Year award, the jury announced Friday. The image contrasts a group of friends against a background of the wreckage of a collapsed building. Tellingly, one woman grimaces [...]


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