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  • …it’s educational!

    “UMass” by the Pixies In the sleepy west of the woody east is a valley full, full o’ pioneer we’re not just kids, to say the least we got ideas to us that’s dear like capitalist, like communist like lots of things you’ve heard about and redneckers they get us pissed and stupid stuff it [...]

  • Health Care Reform Debate as Castration: Masculine Sexuation and Health Care Reform

    Part 2 of “Health Care and the Community Economy: Towards an Ethics of Surplus and Geography of Sufficiency.” The U.S. Health care reform debate centers on the question of whether care is a right or a commodity. Do markets exclude people from access to care or does competitive pressure work to make care progressively more [...]

  • A Shameful Act

    This is a collection of brief excerpts from a recent lecture by Taner Akçam whose A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility (2007) is a good place to start to understand why the Armenian Genocide organized by the Young Turks is the link that explains the conceptual/ideological as well as [...]


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