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  • Through A Glass Darkly

    A few days ago, at a table, where ymM was also sitting, I dared to argue… it was a small gathering of four of us after having watched Cuaron’s recent “Children of Men”; we were, you know, chatting on film and philosophy (how the latter shall be handled in the former), strangely lost somewhere around [...]

  • humiliating work and the law

    i’m trying to think through some issues raised by wilson v. monarch paper co., 939 f.2d 1138 (5th cir. 1991) and similar cases. in this case, a jury found, and the court system upheld on appeal, that the vice president of a company was entitled to millions of dollars in compensation for intentional infliction of [...]

  • labor unions in the U.S. fight for apartheid!

    a recent story in the forward reports that leaders of american labor unions are stepping up to support israeli apartheid by undermining opposition to it by british unions. many union leaders have signed on to a letter by the jewish labor committee bashing* the growing movement for anti-apartheid divestment, boycotts and sanctions by the british [...]

  • academy fights: round 2 to the fascists

    this past june, professor norman finkelstein was denied tenure by depaul university thanks to a concerted effort by alan dershowitz. yesterday, the university of colorado fired tenured professor ward churchill thanks to an effort by the horowitz-ACTA crowd. i remember long ago reading an essay by stephen king in which he instructed his readers how [...]


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