i don’t want to ruin the mystique of S=thought but i sorta wonder who is who here? i get who Kenan Ercel, Phil or maliha are, but some obscure code names are
beyond reach of my imagination.

well, to start with, this is burak talking.

you are…
ymM … yahya (i’m not sure what the recently added ‘saint’ means… i have wild guesses though, kinda kinky.)
gd… ???
viola swamp… ryvka?
C-blok… ceren?
bigbadbull… steven?
tesserakontapechys… ???
mr reality-check… ???
jamar… ???
tutulya… tulya?
confisius… ???
frauelein montag… esra?
boris devastated… ???
ch.. ???


perhaps people do not want to be identified. but you have done a good job in figuring out who is who. now that you are on it, why don’t you go on and hand in our names and addresses to the relevant authorities.

but joke aside, perhaps folks can use the profile function to introduce themselves. if they do not wish to disclose their identities completely, they can still reveal some suggestive fragments to give an idea to those curious cats among us.

saint ymM added these pithy words on Nov 30 06 at 11:18 am

you are self-contradicting man. you don’t want to ruin the mystique of S-thought but you sorta want to ruin it. choose one
of the two, pal.

by the way “the owls are not what they seem.”

C-Blok added these pithy words on Nov 30 06 at 2:13 pm

dear j.b.,

with both my first and last name displayed, i’ve come under attack for being uncool and lacking a blog-etiquette, so i just wanted to let you know that i may also go under cover one of these days and assume some phony, pretentious nickname.


Kafka’s K.

Kenan Ercel added these pithy words on Nov 30 06 at 4:26 pm

this discussion is too splendid to pass up…

1. an axiom: ymm is not ymm. some say this is faulty logic, others may agree — however — that subjectivity (even in this bloggers paradise) is founded upon such an illogical tension. whether saintly, or simply a liar, ymm will never fully assume his ymm-ness, irregardless of what he says. in this regard…

2. “the owls are not what they seem” is a most apt aphorism. hoot hoot.

3. a proposal: kenan ercel should henceforth be referred to as kafka the kurmudgeon, whether he likes it or not. yes, anointing oneself with a haughty moniker is an act of pretension, but we should strive to commit much more audacious acts…like forcing such phoniness upon others.

with much pompous artifice,

Tessarakontapechys added these pithy words on Nov 30 06 at 6:07 pm

well, some people do call me “the amazing jamar.”

others think that “jamar” is my pathetic attempt to remake myself as a south asian, or even a muslim! (allah forbid!).

i could be this oh-so-english doggy-daddy:


and, maybe in my next life (coming soon), i will reappear as mr. yoga and bring so much healing light to everyone:


i also have a lot of “envy” for this indianapolis speedster:


but, alas, the “real” in all of this (or is it the “imaginary”? damn, where is my copy of “ecrits” . . .) is that jamar = jack amariglio.

i admit it’s pretty banal, but there are just too many “jacks” in the email world, and my sign-off-and-on is just a replica of the first part of my email address.

sorry, burak, for the semblance of a code. and ultra-sorry, kenan, for the appearance of cool. it’s not, i’m not, and i won’t say a word about you.


jamar added these pithy words on Dec 01 06 at 9:32 pm

it is funny, i sometimes do that, search for someone’s name on line, someone that i briefly met or just heard the name and then try to construct his/her multi faceted life story with the help of 115,000 web entries.. for instance, barbara brooks the purchasing / payables clerk at queens college in canada; the ‘outstanding texas interior designer’; the finance supervisor for the main post office in bethesda, md; the author of many books for children; the business consultant; dreams the city is thick with them (?); the history professor at cuny, new york; administrative support assistant for usda; carmen or the coach pianist with canadian opera; an uncredited actress of the movie ‘let’s face it’ from 1943; so on and so forth.. epic of barbara brooks, plural form.. i really like it :)

fräulein montag added these pithy words on Dec 02 06 at 10:23 pm

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